Trellis grew BrainTrust's first
'Giving Tuesday' campaign to success

What They Needed

About BrainTrust

BrainTrust Canada began as small group of people who recognized the need for greater support and resources for those affected by brain injury. The initial group included individuals with brain injury, families of people living with brain injury, stakeholders with care homes, an occupational therapist and a personal injury lawyer.

After 30 years, BrainTrust Canada has grown into an important organization for Canadians and is looking to go further with their first Giving Tuesday Campaign. Offering more support for people with brain injury by providing medical, food and housing support.


BrainTrust's Positive Experience

2X email open and click rate

Trellis email campaign doubled the engagement of BrainTrust’s previous campaigns.

8.5% of site visitors donated

BrainTrust realized 8.5% donation conversion rate for every 100 visitors. Much higher than the average conversion rate.

3X increase in social engagement

Trellis campaign encouraged three times more social sharing than normal for BrainTrust- a huge increase in campaign visibility!

Trellis allowed us to go ‘above and beyond’ and create a compelling campaign that demonstrated the need and impact of all donations. They work very collaboratively and addressed our feedback to make sure that we were 100% happy with the final product.

Mona Hennenfent

BrainTrust Canada
How Trellis Help

Features that Inceased BrainTrust's Donations

Clear and Powerful Messeging

Mona provided her donor base with a beautiful and easy to understand experience so they are more willing to donate. With Trellis templates it was easy for Mona and her team to create a stunning donation experience.

Rebuilding the Life With Brain Injury

Looks Great on Mobile

She also was able to create a great experience for mobile users as 50% of the donors were on mobile. With Trellis it automatically optimizes your page for mobile so it looks great on any device.

Easy to Donate, Auto Tax Recepting

Easy to donate any amount, both one-time or Monthly. Mona simply had to create the options and Trellis handled all the payment processing. BrainTrust then received the donations once they were processed and the donor instantly received their tax receipt.

Together We can Make a difference

Meaningful Healthcare

$25 Monthly

Pays for one Medical visit. Muaureen's Medical care will save her eyesight. The cost of blindness over a 25 year period is conservatively estimated at $25000.

Sufficient Food

$50 Monthly

Provide access to nutritios food. Maurren and her son will get helthy. Every $50 spend on nutrition has $400 return on investment in helathcare savings.

Affordable Housing

$100 Monthly

Subsidising rent, ensuring a safe and permenent housing will give Maureen and her son stability. Having a home reducing healthcare cost by 50%.

Our Yearly Impact


Lives Rebuilt after
Brain Injury


Medical Appoinments


Food Bank Trips


People Housed

Impact Focussed

Trellis is very focused on what the donor wants and worked with BrainTrust to help them delight their donors. Showcasing impact is an important part of that. These numbers are powerful and quick to read for the busy donor.

Showcasig the Results of the Donation

Allows Mona and her team the opportunity to showcase who they are making a difference to. This is a very important reason donors want to donate to BrainTrust. They can show you exactly where the donors money is making a difference.

Your Monthly donation helps a person with brain injury start living again.


Buying stuff doesn’t make you happy.
Giving does.

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