Trellis empowers Impact

Mission & Vision

Trellis is an impact first company

Our mission is to empower organizations in the social sector to create more impact in their communities. By fostering social enterprise, sustainable development and impact focused work Trellis is helping to move the non-profit and charity sector into the future of sustainable social development.

Trellis is a for profit social enterprise that gives 50% of its profits back in two areas:

1) We give back to organizations by creating sustainable and long term social impact in their communities.

2) Research into impact measurement within organizations to simplify, standardize and increase education around impact and how it is measured.


Trellis was founded with the sole focus of making a lasting impact on the social sector

Justin Goodhew

Justin is a serial entrepreneur and passionate about helping others.

Trellis, for Justin, is a unique intersection between technology and a passion for doing good. This social enterprise allows him to do purposeful work while also building a financially sustainable enterprise. Say hello to Justin at

Jay Bell

Loves technology and building new innovations for the digital space. Jay is (still) a UBC Comp Sci student as his passion for building new tech products gets in the way of class.

Jay is all in with Trellis because he never knows where to give his time and money. He wants to see and understand impact, so he is building it himself.


Trellis is supported by a motivated group of impact investors and advisors

Greg Magolan

The 4th employee at Avigilon Security, a multinational 400 person company.

Working with Angular team at Google.

Mike Duquet

Past Director of Optimization for Kelowna based Strawhouse.

Led the Web Growth for Hootsuite's Enterprise web presence.


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